The Relationship between Blogging and Journalism

The relation between Blogging and Journalism varies over different sources and styles of publishing. There are both similarites and differences between blogging and journalism.

For example both can be used as a form of communication and interaction potentially on a global scale. However many forms of journalism may focus on a specific field and have a key interest and knowledge of the subject in question. While Blogs can also focus on a specific field it is primarily used as a personal and opinionated form of communication and the individual has the freedom to express their own opinion.

Bloggers  distrust journalists as usually the publication that the journalist is working for has an agenda so there reporting may be bias and some information could be restricted. It is argued that transparency is more important than objectivity in journalism and blogging. This is a view I agree with as when as a reader you understand the sources the author uses and the reasons why they have published their article it is considered a more reliable and believable piece of writing. Whilst if it is clear they have an objective and agenda without any transparency for sources then  you immediately start to question the article.. You also question whether it is bias for any reason other than a personal agenda.

Many well known journalists and broadcasters also decide to produce blogs for example newsreader Jon Snow. Many journalists decide to do this as usually they are restricted when working for their publication or corporation. Although Jon Snow and the other journalists do still need to maintain a certain image and respectability, blogging does allow them to enforce their own opinion more and comment on stories that are of particular interest to them. Blogging also forms a potential path of communication through comments from the audience.



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