Social Media

The most common forms of social media I use are Facebook and Twitter. I have used both sites for a number of years but how I use Facebook has changed since the introduction of Twitter.

I used to use Facebook and update my status, however now I rarely post a status and tend to just use Facebook to interact with my friends and family that don’t live near. I use Twitter to keep up to date with news (mainly sporting) and offer brief updates and opinions on events and interests in my life.

I prefer Twitter to Facebook due to the constant updates of news and opinions you can receive. You can also choose people who interest you to follow and interact with people you might not usely be able to.

I often use Facebook for contacting my friends as only a few of my friends have a twitter account. I find it is easier to message quickly to a large group of people on Facebook at once rather than tweet or direct message people individually on Twitter.

Twitter: davejmcnair


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